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About The Bricks Hotels

The Bricks Hotels is a new, innovative hotel chain which stands for a unique, contemporary and forward-looking design of sustainability and the hotel business. With the The Bricks Hotel in Marktredwitz, the concept of hedonistic sustainability is being realized for the first time in a lifestyle hotel. Well-being and satisfaction of the guests are in the first place.

About the New Economy Hotel GmbH

For more than 20 years, the core competences of the team at New Economy Hotel GmbH have been the development of hotel concepts, the operation and management of hotels and the efficiency improvement of business processes. Its promising novelty The Bricks Hotel Marktredwitz is now being realised, thanks to the support and close cooperation with the city of Marktredwitz, the district of Wunsiedel, and its shareholders. The pilot project in the Fichtelgebirge is being realised using own funds as well as subsidies by the great commitment of the shareholders.


The Bricks Hotel Marktredwitz