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OroVerde Protect the rain forest

For more than 30 years, the OroVerde Tropical Forest Foundation has been working to preserve the tropical rainforests. In doing so, nature conservation and development cooperation go hand in hand, because only with the local people can the protection of the rainforests work in the long term.

At the same time, OroVerde addresses consumer issues, i.e. the influence of consumers here on environmental and living conditions in rainforest regions, conveys an understanding of global interrelationships in educational projects and works towards sensible framework legislation in politics and business.

OroVerde is politically independent, recognised as a non-profit organisation and is one of the first environmental organisations in Germany to bear the DZI donation seal.

The Bricks Hotels supports OroVerde in the form of a sponsoring membership. Every month, OroVerde receives a sponsorship contribution per room from us to save the rainforests.

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