At The Bricks Hotels, the concept of hedonistic sustainability will be implemented for the first time in a lifestyle hotel. This new type of claim shows how sustainability can improve the quality of life.

Sustainability at The Bricks Hotels:

  • Ecological Quality:
    Emissions and resources, eg solid wood construction, clay composite panels, glass foam
  • Economic Quality:
    Life cycle costs such as investment, future costs and value
  • Socio-Cultural Quality:
    Health, comfort, satisfaction, functionality and design
  • Technical Quality:
    Protection, longevity, maintenance and recycling
  • Process Quality:
    Planning, execution and management
  • Location Quality:
    Infrastructure, public transport connections, healthy environment

The idea of hedonistic sustainability is presented at The Bricks Hotels in the form of "enjoyment without renunciation".

  • Simplify your life:
    Restrict yourself to the essential and important things
  • Sustainable Happiness:
    Well-being and happiness through deceleration

Only those who know the past can understand the present and shape the future.

(Paul Watzlawick)