THE BRICKS HOTELS website now in German & English and with new logo

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New Website now in English & German
Revised menu structure and simplified user guidance

Since today the website of THE BRICKS HOTELS, the innovative and sustainable hotel concept, is available in German and English. In addition, the logo has been adapted according to the new name THE BRICKS HOTELS.

Besides a revised menu structure as well as a simplified user guidance, interested parties will now also find detailed information about The Bricks Hotel Marktredwitz, whose opening is planned for winter 2017.

Current information on the construction progress of the pilot project of THE BRICKS HOTELS is regularly published on the website as well as on the social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


A Convenient Economy Hotel in the sense of hedonistic sustainability with hospitality at the highest level … this is no contradiction, but the claim to realise an innovative hotel concept. The hotel industry faces fundamental challenges and changes. In order to be on the same level as the guests, one has to keep up with the time in tourism and watch the social change.

About the New Economy Hotel GmbH

For more than 20 years, the core competences of the team at New Economy Hotel GmbH have been the development of hotel concepts, the operation and management of hotels and the efficiency improvement of business processes. Its promising novelty The Bricks Hotel Marktredwitz is now being realised, thanks to the support and close cooperation with the city of Marktredwitz, the district of Wunsiedel and the Bayregio Investment GmbH. The pilot project in the Fichtelgebirge is being realised using own funds as well as subsidies by the great commitment of the Bayregio Investment GmbH, which brings foreign investors to the region.

For further Informationen please contact:

Phone: +49 (0) 8231 – 3041922

New Economy Hotel GmbH
Frau Sybille Dornbusch
Nelkenring 6
D-86343 Königsbrunn

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